Darunee Fasano was born and raised in Thailand .  The traditional art of hand-crafting orchids from clay was taught to her by her grandmother when she was a child. She refined her skills by taking classes at an art emporium in Bangkok .

Darunee’s sculptured clay flowers are made of a blend of polymer and natural clays, with oils to keep them soft.  The clay is white and looks like a fine china clay.  She mixes some of the clay with artist’s oil paints to achieve uniform color (e.g., green for leaves).  After rolling, cutting, and shaping various pieces (e.g., petals, leaves, etc.), she assembles them to create an individual flower using floral wire and wrap tape.  Each flower is completed by hand-painting the flower’s features and lines with artist’s oil paints.  She prefers to arrange the flowers in their natural setting, as you would see them growing in the wild. This is the best setting for orchids since they are epiphytes.  

Darunee forms mostly orchids, but does roses, irises, gardenias, American wild flowers, and various tropical flowers native to Thailand .

Darunee has exhibited at most local arts and crafts shows in the Northeast and Midwest. Some of the more prestigious shows where she has exhibited are:

-National Orchid Society Washington DC
-Sugarloaf Mountain Works: Washington
DC, Baltimore MD, Columbus OH, Detroit MI, Hartford CT, and Somerset NJ.
-Quail Hollow Events: New Paltz NY and Newburgh NY
Interior Design Shows: Washington D.C.
United Craft Enterprises: Flemington NJ, Saratoga NY, and Syracuse NY
Vermont Arts and Crafts Festival: Stratton Mountain VT
3 Rivers Arts Festival: Pittsburgh PA

Awards and Accolades:
-National Orchid Society Washington DC: Replication Division 1st and 2nd place 2003 and 2004
-Honorable Mention, 3 Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh PA, June 2003
-Promoter's Recognition, Vermont Arts and Crafts Festival, Stratton Mountain VT, August 2002




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